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Being in nature is our nature, and every single thing, from the chair you sit on, the tree you lean on, the space that surrounds and defines, the image reflected in the mirror, is a part of nature.

We are a part of, not apart from...

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ecotherapy, meditation, walking groups, nsdr and yoga nidra and other creative energising events that will ignite your creativity and curiousity.

We also offer private and corporate sessions and promote accessibility for all.

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Image by Annie Spratt

About Mimi

I have over 2 decades of professional and academic training and experience in delivering wellbeing and life mentoring, ecotherapy, yoga nidra, nsdr, integrative meditation, creative courses, walking and support groups in varied contexts. As a professional writer and performance artist, I craft creative elements elegantly into every session. I have a professional interest in neuroscience, engaging the self with space and place to enhance wellbeing, creativity, health and deliver accessible classes and focused sessions on chronic fatigue, chronic pain, brain injury and other disabilities.


I am a Ramblers UK walk leader and offer free wellness walks on behalf of Ramblers UK and the London Borough of Camden Wellness campaign and a member and alumni of the Yoga Nidra Network.


Previous and current partnerships include: The Royal Parks (UK) , Ramblers UK and London Borough of Camden.

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