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What they say...testimonials


We (fellow actors in a play) had group and individual sessions with Mimi to help us deal with anxiety, stage fright and focus. The group sessions were fun to explore the integration of breath, voice and visualisation …it helped unite us on a different level,…provide us with a calm feeling to manage the job ahead. It was wonderful to have the recording of the meditation to use in our own time.


I was introduced to yoga nidra by having private sessions with Mimi and have found each one an amazingly relaxing and positive experience and is something i am making a part of my daily routine.
I also went along to several of her guided accessible walks and enjoyed her support and guidance, the route taken, pace and the lovely people i met.

Matt W

Ive attended a series of weekly mindfulness in nature workshops with Mimi and London's Royal Parks. It's been a wonderful experience which allowed me to pause, reflect, activate different skills and senses and connect with nature in such a creative and unique way. Mimi is an inclusive, fun and knowledgeable instructor and i really enjoyed her guidance. Her sessions were exactly what i was looking for and i continue to use what she taught me in my daily life.


I’m a busy mum, dealing with a busy household, husband and two kids and find myself overwhelmed by it all at times. I had several one to one meditation and life mentoring sessions with Mimi which helped me feel more energised, find some ‘me’ time in my day and look at how and where I could bring more manageability in my life, both with myself and my family. She helped me bring in simple awareness tools that we use as a family together to manage our time as well as other techniques that helped me and my family become more aware of each moment and react in healthier ways. I recommend Mimi to many of my friends and now we each hold weekly meditation group sessions facilitated by Mimi, alternating at each others’ homes.


I found my first session with Mimi’s guidance to be a phenomenal inner journey. I was surprised at the stillness I felt during our session … so utterly connected to people and my environment for many days after our first session. Without exaggerating, the feeling of bliss and calm lasted well into my week and has made me go back for more. Mimi is sensitive to my needs and seems to instinctively know (I don’t know how she does it!) how to tap deep into my inner self. Truly incredible.


I had no idea what to expect at an ecotherapy class. Mimi brought joy and curiosity in seeing the world differently and in relating to my every day surroundings. I really didn’t expect to connect with other people and things and nature in such a unique way. Mimi also created a fun and creative way to think about myself and the place and things around me and showed me ways to meditate that I didn’t even know was meditation!
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